GoPro cameras aren't just for extreme sports. Here's one creative way to use the camera!

There is no doubt that GoPro has made a name for itself as the ‘go-to’ brand for personal video cameras, especially for extreme sports--and for a good reason. Their creation was inspired by the ability to capture footage of sports in action.

But you don’t need to be in extreme sports to use a GoPro. Some users are taking to capturing their ‘worlds’ in many different ways with a GoPro. Forexample, animal lovers are using the GoPro to capture the world from their pet’s point of view. This can be done by simply switching on the camera, and mounting the light weight camera onto the pet’s back with an official harness such as the $90 “Fetch” dog harness (…/mo…/fetch-dog-harness/ADOGM-001.html).

Ultimately, GoPro offers a variety of accessories that you can wear or mount with the camera to help you capture the perfect shot. How would you personally like to use GoPro?