Scratching your head at how best to set up Wi-Fi in your HDB? Here are some tips you may want to bear in mind.

Tip #1: Mind the concrete walls

The physical location of a Wi-Fi access point (or router) is critical, as places in your house that are blocked by walls furnitures and doors will weaken your Wi-Fi signal. In the typical HDB flat where this is unavoidable, try placing your Wi-Fi router at a high location, and avoid putting it beside large metallic fixtures or cupboards, or next to thick concrete beams.

Tip #2: Try changing the default channel

In Singapore, it is highly likely that existing Wi-Fi channels is already in use by a neighbor, which can cause interference that degrades your wireless performance. If you are on 2.4GHz, consider experimenting with one of the three non-overlapping channels: 1, 6, and 11 for the one that offers the best experience.

Tip #3: Enable 5GHz band

An increasing number of Wi-Fi routers now offer simultaneous dual band capabilities. If so, ensure that the 5GHz band is enabled. This allows laptops that support 5GHz to be offloaded onto this less-cluttered band, freeing up the 2.4GHz band for other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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