Wearable technology is all the rage these days. Fitted with an electronic paper display, a readable watch face, a GPS system, and Bluetooth connectivity, the minimalist yet chic-looking Pebble Smartwatch (https://getpebble.com/) easily ranks as a “classical” wearable.

For the uninitiated, Pebble promises seven days of battery life, and is customisable. It comes with a screen that lets you browse, find and download watchapps such as notifications, fitness, daily use, tools & utilities, remotes, and games; as well as watchfaces that let you customise how you want Pebble to look like.

Paired with a watchapp that syncs with your iPhone or Android smartphone, the Pebble smartwatch can also control music, with access to iTunes and apps like Spotify and Pandora. When used with sports and fitness apps, it provides instant information on your speed, pace, distance run or cycled, calories burned, and the like.

Finally, the Pebble alerts you on incoming SMSs and emails though silent vibrations. Overall, it’s a minimalist yet fashionable smart watch that can blend into everyday life.