Parrot BeBop Drone

Have you ever wondered how people take arial shots of gorgeous landscapes, or HD videos panning around a entire football stadium? Maybe it was a professional cameraman in a helicopter. But it could also be one of these, The Parrot BeBop Drone.

The BeBop drone is built with safety in mind, encompassing advanced technology to make the BeBop drone safe. The ability to stop its propellers in the event of a collision, an emergency mode that allows the drone to land automatically, and a GPS system with a Return Home function is just some of the details that increase the safety of the BeBop drone. 

The BeBop drone also has a onboard computer that runs on Linux, with SDK available for Developers. It's even equipped with a powerful 14 megapixel "Fisheye" camera and video stabilisation for the smoothest of videos and utmost clarity in your photos. 

If you're interested to learn more about the Parrot BeBop Drone, head to the IT SHOW 2015 and swing by the Tech Showcase, where the Parrot BeBop drone will be. You might even get to try it out for yourself!