Parrot Minidrone: Jumping Sumo

Have you seen the Rolling Spider Mini-drone? This is its fiercer, land rover styled cousin: The Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-drone.

True to its name, the Jumping Sumo can jump up to 80cm in one jump. It turns smoothly and quickly, managing half-turns and u-turns in less than a second. Simply controlling it with your smartphone, you can even download the free app to make it do acrobatic tricks. 

Even though the Jumping Sumo may look scary to some, this is actually a functional design, with the LED eyes being indicators of the status of the Jumping Sumo. It has a wide angle camera, and can stream videos into smartphones or tablet screen. 

This year, the IT SHOW 2015 will be having the Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini-drone as part of its repertoire in the Tech Showcase! Come down and see it for yourself, and maybe even get to try it out first hand!