Parrot Minidrone: Rolling Spider

Technology is always finding ways to make things smaller, more compact, more efficient. Enter: The Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone, one of the latest additions to the Minidrone series. 

This mini-drone is controlled through your smartphone, with a free app available to you, enabling you to make the mini-drone perform acrobatic tricks. The lightness of the Rolling Spider is evident in its ability to quickly turn and loops. If you attach the wheels, you can even make the mini-drone run from floor to ceiling via the walls!

The mini camera located in the mini-drone also allows you to take arial shots. The LED indicators lets you know the status of your little Rolling Spider. There's a whole new world to be explored with the Parrot Rolling Spider, which you can try out for yourself at the IT SHOW 2015! Come down to the Tech Showcase and see the Rolling Spider for yourself!