IT Show 2016 extends trade-in madness to video games and small TVs

It’s that time of the year folks, the IT Show is coming back to town, and it’s returning bigger, better, and with better value for the dollar this year. The Trade-in Madness returns at the IT Show 2016, looking to take in your old gadgets for cash vouchers that you can spend on the biggest IT fare in town.

Electronic Devices

Trade-in your old gadgets for cash vouchers.

Trade-in your old gadgets for cash vouchers.

Every tech geek out there knows that a time comes along when their favourite gadget’s lifespan will end. If you are sentimental or budget conscious like me then you are going to probably dread the day when you have to replace your gadgets.

Fortunately, there are two things that techies love more than their old gadgets – and that’s a shiny new toy and awesome deals.

The IT Show 2016 will be partnering up with PC Dreams for this year's trade-in madness. The list this year will not only include the usual suspects like laptops, tablets, smartphones, PCs (non-DIY) and monitors  but also small TVs below 34"! 

With 4K TV content becoming increasingly common, Singaporeans are flocking to upgrade their TV sets. What better time than the biggest IT show in town?

Curious about the terms and conditions or the value of your old gadget? Check out the terms and conditions here!

The trade-in for electronic devices will be held at  the Suntec exhibition hall, Level 4 (Hall 402 and 403).

Gaming Consoles and Software

Trade in your old gaming consoles and portable handhelds for cash vouchers at the IT Show 2016

Trade in your old gaming consoles and portable handhelds for cash vouchers at the IT Show 2016

This year, the good people at GameXtreme is partnering up with the IT Show 2016, to allow you to trade in your old consoles for cash vouchers to be used at the IT Show 2016. There is more to it this year too. For the first time ever, the trade-ins will not just be limited to gaming hardware, but software as well!

Like the year before, GameXtreme will be accepting any non-region locked consoles of the following type: Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, XBox, XBox 360, XBox One, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL/LL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo New 3DS XL, GBA SP and Playstation Vita. 

Aaron Choo of GameXtreme, mentions that there is a demand for old consoles overseas, saying, "There are is still a large demand for consoles like the PlayStation 3 overseas, especially for the 2000 series. So, for anyone looking to upgrade their gaming consoles or just looking to get new games, trading in your old consoles at the IT Show is a good opportunity to get your money's worth."

Answering the demand to trade-in old games, visitors this year will get the chance to trade in any of their original disks, provided it comes in its original packaging. Games that are regionally locked and not playable in Singapore will also not be accepted. Aaron also acknowledges that this year they are keeping the software trade-ins strictly to console and portable handheld game software only, saying, "We are not accepting PC games as our focus is on console gaming."

All trade in for gaming hardware and software will be at Level 6 (Hall 604).

You can find out more on the terms and conditions for GameXtreme's trade-ins here.

Join us at the IT Show 2016 for the Trade-in madness!

Join us at the IT Show 2016 for the Trade-in madness!

Just remember to back up your data and charge your devices before heading over!

Want to keep yourselves updated on the latest information for our Trade-ins? Visit our site here for more information!

We hope to see you there!