10 of the best Smartwatches and Fitness trackers

From the luxurious Apple Watch to the affordable Fitbits, there is something for everyone

Still can’t decide which smartwatch or fitness tracker to buy? We highlight some models that you might just fancy.


Apple Watch

From $518

If you have an Apple iPhone, you should get the Apple Watch. It is the smartwatch that provides the most rounded experience for iPhone users. It not only displays all the notifications that you are getting on your smartphone, it also allows you to make calls from the watch. Not to mention, you can even send emojis and your heart rate to your loved ones who also have an Apple Watch.


Moto 360 (2nd Gen) by Lenovo


From $479

The second generation Moto 360 is just as good-looking as the original. It sports a round display with stainless steel casing and thin bezel but with stylish lugs for watch straps. 

The 360x360-pixel touchscreen display though still has a small black space containing an ambient light sensor at its bottom. Otherwise known as the “flat tyre” design. Nonetheless, the overall package is still very attractive and will continue to gather glances of envy.


Samsung Gear S2

From $448

Samsung has decided to go in circles with its latest smartwatch. The Gear S2’s highlight is its ceramic rotating bezel that you can turn to scroll through the smartwatch’s interface. This way, your fingers are never going to block its 1.2-inch 360x360-pixel touchscreen display. The Gear S2 is targeted at the sporty crowd, while its more formal-looking cousin - the Gear S2 Classic ($548) - is aimed at those who wants a more, err, classic look.


Huawei Watch

From $549


The Huawei Watch comes with a thin bezel and single button sited at the 2 o’clock position. It has a circular stainless steel case and a round display with a resolution of 400x400 pixels. It has sapphire glass protecting the display and the heart rate sensor, which is located at the back of the watch. 

Running on Android Wear, it can be paired with both Android smartphones and Apple iPhones. 


Asus ZenWatch 2

From $229


The Asus ZenWatch 2 is available in two display sizes in the form of 1.63 inches (320x320 pixels) and 1.45 inches (280x280 pixels) – and with gunmetal, silver or “rose gold” finishes. The display is protected by tough and curvy Gorilla Glass.

Both models feature a square watch face in a stainless steel case with rounded corners. This Android Wear smartwatch does not look cheap but yet is actually very affordable. 


Fitbit Charge HR



The Fitbit Charge HR might not be the prettiest fitness tracker around but it has just about everything you need for a fitness tracker. 

It has a small OLED screen that displays the current time, so you can use it as a watch too. A press of a side button lets you toggle through steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, current heart rate and the flight of stairs climbed. Yes, the Charge HR tracks all these information and your sleep as well. 


Xiaomi Mi Band



If you are wondering whether you need a fitness tracker, pick up the Xiaomi Mi Band. For only $20, it does what a fitness tracker is supposed to do pretty well. It might not have a heart rate monitor but it automatically tracks your daily physical activity, workouts and sleeps. In addition, it even alerts you when your paired smartphone has incoming calls.


Jawbone Up3



From the hands of renowned Swiss designer Yves Behar, the Jawbone Up3 is probably the most beautiful fitness tracker in the market right now. 

It has a slim anodised aluminium casing with a rubber wrist strap. The designs on the casing come in twisted crosses or diagonal lines. Simple but classic. Yet, it comes with heart rate monitor and even automatically tracks your sleep. 


Garmin Vivofit HR


The Vivofit HR is Garmin’s latest fitness tracker. It comes in the form of a sleek wristband with an always-on display that shows your fitness statistics all the time. 

Not only does it tracks your daily activities, such as steps taken and calories burned, it also monitors your heart rate continuously with its built-in heart rate sensor. It can also display notifications when your paired smartphone has an incoming call or message.


Withings Activité Pop


For traditionalists who wants an analogue watch as a fitness tracker, this is the fitness tracker to get. 

The Withings Activité Pop might looks like an analogue watch, but it automatically tracks your daily steps taken, calories burnt, sleeping patterns and running activities.

It has a minimalist design without any numerals but only the hour and minute hands. A smaller dial on the watch face shows your progress as a percentage of your daily step target.