Tech Showcase

It's the last day of the IT Show 2016 and the deals are getting hotter than ever. With crowds expected to be at its peak today, there is a possibility that you might have trouble asking about that gadget that you have been eyeing. Not to worry though, because we've done our research on the hottest gadgets. Read on to find out more!

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge - 32 GB

Despite being heavier and thicker than its predecessor, the recently launched S7 and S7 Edge feels much better hands. The better overall ergonomics can be attributed to the curvature at the back of the phones, which when combined with an ever-shrinking aluminium frame, makes for one sexy-looking phone.

In terms of displays, Samsung has always been a step ahead of its competition. Both phones have amazing displays that blow the competition out of the water with its 2K AMOLED screens. Truth be told, you will have to see it for yourselves but you would be hard-pressed to find a phone that could rival its display among the current and past generations of phones out on the market.

Did we mention that the phones are water resistant? The S7 and S7 Edge cannot withstand high-pressure water streams (Read: Do not bring them into the shower), but can easily withstand being submerged up to 1.5 meters in water - a huge win for anyone that has ever had the horror of watching their phone drop in the toilet.

The phone also packs a 12 megapixel camera, which at first sight might seem like a downgrade from the 16 megapixels attributed to the previous generation, but the overall package does not sell you short. Utilizing a dual pixel technology and an F1.7 sensor, the camera has amazing focus speed that captures moving objects as well as being able to capture images well in low-light conditions.

With 4GB of RAM and powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or the Samsung Exynos 8890, both the S7 and S7 edge are beasts when it comes to performance. Along with the TouchWiz's upgraded slick interface, both phones are a pleasure to use, and it is easy to understand the hype behind Samsung's latest iteration of their flagship Galaxy phones.

SONY α6300

The α6300 mirrorless camera features the world's fastest autofocus speed and is capable of recording 4K videos. Successor to the α6000, this camera looks set to put the Alpha series back on top of SONY's mirrorless cameras in terms of performance

Packing a 24.2 megapixel sensor, as well as features like the SteadyShot™ image stabilisation, smooth zoom, field angle adjustability and 4K Time-lapse capture - the α6300 has a nostalgic feel to it that reminds SONY camera fans of the popular pocket shooter series of old.

Videographers will be overjoyed to know that the latest in Sony's Alpha line allows for S-Log gamma recording, and with it, bring a wide dynamic range that the format affords.

Launching in Singapore for the first time at the IT show this year, the α6300 looks set to capture hearts of both budding videographers, and photographers on our sunny shores.

MOTO 360

While not exactly brand new on the market, the second generation Moto 360 is just as good-looking as the original. It sports a round display with stainless steel casing and thin bezel but with stylish lugs for watch straps. 

The 360x360-pixel touchscreen display though still has a small black space containing an ambient light sensor at its bottom. That aside, the watch remains one of the classiest wearables that you can find on the market, and comes as close to a classic timepiece as a wearable ever has.

PlayStation 4 Limited Edition Uncharted 4 Console - Pre-order

Well not much has to be said about this console is there? One of the few devices here that needs no introduction, the Limited Edition Uncharted 4 Console is one sexy beast. The black print on grayish-blue makes it an instant classic, especially with Uncharted 4 just around the corner.

The console is available for pre-order at the IT Show 2016, Level 6, at the PlayStation booth. Come join us there today!